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MFP provides mortgage solutions to buyers with professional qualifications and high projected earnings across the UK.

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Professional mortgage products are aimed at borrowers in certain professional employment. Lenders use their own affordability calculations to assess how much they will lend, some offer enhanced calculations and favourable rates specifically to professionals. Your career stability and reliable income can help you save money. However, approaching your bank or high street lender directly is not always the best way to secure the lowest rates.

Mortgages for Professionals is a specialist mortgage broker offering lenders from the whole UK market. We provide a service dedicated to individuals with professional qualifications and high projected earnings – from doctors and dentists, to accountants and engineers.

Our offices are based in central London, we arrange mortgages for professionals throughout the UK.

MFP - A specialist mortgage broker for professionals

Other professions

Whether you’re self-employed or work in an accountancy firm, we can secure the best mortgages for accountants or remortgage deals for you. We understand the different ways you are remunerated and we know which banks offer the best terms dependant on your income structure.

So if you own your own practice, work in a partnership, or work for a firm with a clear career path, contact us and speak to one of our mortgage advisers who understand the different ways you can show income.

By letting Mortgages for Professionals negotiate with lenders, qualified (or nearly-qualified) accountants can take advantage of a range of benefits, including:

  • High income multiples – expect generous affordability calculations
  • High mortgage amounts for recently-qualified accountants (ACA or similar)
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Great deals, even if you have variable income
  • Reduced deposit
  • Discount and excellent value remortgages
  • Fast in-principle decisions
  • Flexible terms and conditions on mortgages for accountants
  • Help arranging a mortgage for skilled migrant workers
  • Specialist deals, such as guarantor mortgages or buy-to-let agreements

Other professions

If you’re an architect we can help you secure a better deal on your mortgage. Whether you’re recently qualified, a contractor or working for an established firm, Mortgages for Professionals can find lenders offering the most generous affordability calculations and low interest mortgages for you. Contact us and speak to one of our experienced advisers who will be happy to help.

Banks and high street lenders are keen to provide mortgages for architects and other professionals. However, they are often unable to fully understand your financial situation, particularly if you have irregular or hard-to-prove income.

With established relationships with all the major UK lenders, our mortgage consultants can negotiate on your behalf to arrange the best available mortgages and remortgages for architects. We’ll complete all forms, paperwork and calls needed to ensure you get the mortgage deal best suited to your needs. Simply complete the contact us form and start your journey by meeting your mortgage adviser.

Mortgages for Professionals can help you secure:

  • Competitive interest rates for mortgages and remortgages
  • Deals requiring reduced deposit
  • High income multiples – generous affordability calculations (even for those with irregular income)
  • Flexible early repayment conditions (useful for those on bonus schemes etc.)
  • Fast in-principle decisions
  • Guarantor mortgages for the recently or soon-to-be qualified
  • Your preferred interest rate type, including fixed, variable and tracker mortgages
  • Finance for your new architect business
  • Mortgages for architects from overseas
  • To make an application, complete the simple form.

Other professions

Many banks and high street lenders can offer generous rates and terms to barristers. As a professional, you can expect high income multiples and low interest on all mortgages for barristers.

However, barristers and other legal professionals may face problems with banks and high street lenders who are unable to assess your precise financial circumstances or understand irregular income patterns. Contact one of our mortgage advisers who can explain the possible pitfalls you can encounter and understands how to present your aged debtors list to a lender with the aid of your clerk.

At Mortgages for Professionals we draw on years of specialist experience in the professional sector. We’ve established relationships with most of the major UK banks and lenders, and can offer a whole of the market brokerage service.

We negotiate on your behalf for the best available mortgages for barristers. Whether you’re self-employed, with only one year’s accounts, or your income has been rising steeply and you need a lender to use your most recent year’s income – we can help so contact us and start your journey.

At Mortgages for Professionals we can help you arrange deals with:

  • High income multiples – generous affordability calculations for barristers
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Reduced deposit required
  • Low or no early repayment charges
  • Discounts and bonuses, including cashback
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Fixed, variable or tracker rates of interest
  • Availability for foreign nationals, including US barristers working in any of the “Magic Circle” law firms

Other professions

Professional mortgages for dentists can be some of the best deals on the market. However, approaching your bank or high street lender direct doesn’t guarantee you the most preferential terms.

At Mortgages for Professionals we source the best value mortgages for dentists available. Our specialist sector knowledge and strong relationships with major UK lenders means that we can negotiate on your behalf for the best possible deal. We understand the financial and working arrangements for dentists and use key information to get the right professional mortgage for you.

Whether you’re looking for a remortgage, a buy to let deal, dental practice financing, or even if you’re a first time buyer – we can help you secure the best professional mortgages for dentists.

If you’re an associate dentist, a principal dentist or any other medical professional contact us and speak to one of our advisers who can take you through the mortgage process.

Professional mortgages allow for preferential rates, high income multiples and high loan to value borrowing – as well as many other benefits. At Mortgages for Professionals we can help you:

  • Find high income multiples – generous affordability calculations for dentists
  • Secure low interest professional mortgage and remortgage rates
  • Pay little or no deposit (useful for first time buyers)
  • Get fast in-principle decisions
  • Use income based on the out-going associate’s earnings
  • Use the value of UDAs for associates about to join a practice
  • Find fixed rate mortgages or arrange interest only periods
  • Arrange guarantor mortgages for young dentists
  • Find mortgages for foreign nationals and dentists with a Tier 2 visa
  • Locate professional mortgages for dentists with limited credit history

Other professions

We understand that the most important factor for a busy doctor is their time. At Mortgages for Professionals we want to take the stress and burden of buying or remortgaging your home away from you and make your mortgage journey as smooth and quick as possible. We understand the pressures you are under and we want to make sure there is no added strain when applying for a mortgage. Contact us and meet your adviser who will help you on your mortgage journey.

Mortgages for doctors are available at reduced rates, generous affordability calculations and favourable terms – whether you’re a first time buyer, searching for a remortgage deal, or looking for practice finance.

Our advisors understand the unique working and financial arrangements of medical professionals and can help you secure the lowest rate possible. We’re totally independent and impartial. The relationships we have established with major banks and UK high street lenders enables us to negotiate directly with lending departments to get the best terms on your behalf.

If you’re a newly-qualified doctor, working your way through the training grades, surgeon, consultant, or GP, contact us to find the most competitive mortgages for doctors.

So, why do doctors get preferential treatment? Many banks and mortgage lenders will offer professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, favourable deals because they are seen as more reliable long-term risks. You can expect us to help you secure:

  • High income multiples – lenders are more generous with their affordability calculations
  • Competitive mortgage and remortgage interest rates
  • Reduced deposit mortgages for doctors
  • Fast in-principle decisions
  • Flexible terms and conditions
  • Guarantor mortgages for young doctors
  • Practice buy-ins – assess future income by looking at earnings of outgoing GP
  • Practice funding and GP surgery finance
  • Mortgages for foreign nationals and doctors with the appropriate visa
  • Mortgages for medical professionals who exclusively work as locums
  • Mortgages for doctors with limited credit history
  • Recently qualified? Foreign national?

Other professions

After leaving university, you may find that student debt and low initial income makes it hard for you to arrange a mortgage deal. However, many lenders offer specialist graduate mortgage packages with favourable rates and high income multiples – particularly for graduate professionals.

If you’re studying for professional qualifications (for example a law, medical or accountancy degree) we can help you find a low interest rate graduate mortgage. You will even qualify for a graduate mortgage if you apply for a loan within ten years of graduating.

We have built up relationships with all of the UK’s major lenders. We act on your behalf as a specialist graduate mortgage broker to secure the best possible deal for you. We can help you arrange a graduate mortgage with rates and terms that you won’t find at your bank so contact us and speak to an adviser who will guide you to the best mortgage with your given circumstances.

As a graduate with a professional qualification, lenders are often prepared to offer you better deals than other graduates. You can find:

  • Low interest rates, flexible terms
  • Reduced deposit deals
  • Guarantor arrangements
  • High income multiples – using generous affordability calculations
  • Flexible early repayment conditions (useful for those on bonus schemes etc.)
  • Your preferred interest rate type, including fixed, variable and tracker mortgages
  • Graduate mortgage deals for overseas professionals with the right to live and work in the UK
  • Graduate mortgage deals for students and graduates from all UK universities, with special deals for mature students.

Other professions

Your bank may offer generous deals on mortgages for investment bankers. However, applying directly may mean that you miss out on reduced rates, higher income multiples and preferential terms.

Many banks and high street lenders have inflexible ways of assessing your current financial situation. If you have irregular income (for example if much of your earnings arrive through bonus schemes) you may find that you’re penalised.

In addition sometimes because of your remuneration package you may need more flexible lending? and may prefer bullet payments when your bonus comes through as opposed to struggling with high monthly mortgage payments every year.

Mortgages for Professionals offers a discreet and personal mortgage brokerage service for investment bankers. A dedicated mortgage consultant will assess your individual situation and needs. We can then negotiate with lending departments direct to secure the best possible deal for you. Contact us and speak to one of our advisers who will tailor make the right mortgage for you.

Because we have built up strong relationships with most major UK lenders over the years, we are able to arrange the most competitive deals. This means that you can expect a variety of benefits when finding a mortgage through us:

  • Very high income multiples – generous affordability calculations
  • Low interest rates – for both mortgages and remortgages
  • Reduced deposit deals for first time buyers
  • Sensitive and accurate affordability calculations
  • Income based on base salary plus bonus income
  • Fast in-principle decisions
  • Flexible terms and conditions – including fixed rate periods, cashback and low early repayment penalties
  • Deals for foreign nationals looking to purchase property
  • Interest only with bullet payments instead or full repayment mortgages

Other professions

As respected professionals, solicitors can command preferential mortgage deals. However, by approaching your bank or high street lender direct, you may be missing out on the lowest rates and most flexible terms.

Mortgages for Professionals offers an independent and personal brokerage service – drawing on years of experience and specialised sector knowledge. The relationships we have built up with major UK lenders enables us to negotiate on your behalf for the best possible mortgages for solicitors, deals.

Whether you’re a recently qualified solicitor looking for high income multiples, or an established lawyer searching for an excellent remortgage deal, we can help. Simply fill out the three-step online enquiry form opposite and we will respond within 12 hours.

Our mortgages for solicitors service is designed to secure the best possible deal for you by fully understanding your situation and using that information to your advantage. Our brokers can help you find:

  • Preferential rates of interest – on mortgages and remortgages
  • Mortgages for solicitors deals requiring reduced deposit
  • High income multiples – generous affordability calculations for dentists
  • Specialist deals if you’re a foreign national or a US solicitor working for a “Magic Circle” firm
  • Flexible early repayment conditions (useful if you have irregular income or work on a bonus scheme)
  • Offset mortgages for solicitors
  • Guarantor mortgages for recently or soon-to-be qualified solicitors
  • A range of interest rate types, including fixed, variable and tracker mortgages
  • Deals and discounts – including cashback or valuation refunds

Other professions

Are you a qualified chartered surveyor? If so, you may use your professional status to secure low interest rates, high income multiples and generous terms for your mortgage.

However, although banks and high street lenders are keen to provide mortgages for surveyors and other professionals, it doesn’t always pay to contact them direct. Banks are often unable to fully understand your financial situation, particularly if you have irregular or hard-to-prove income.

Mortgages for Professionals has established close relationships with all the major UK lenders. This means that we are in the ideal position to negotiate on your behalf for the best possible mortgages for surveyors.

Banks, building societies and high street lenders may not understand the unique financial and working arrangements of a chartered surveyor’s career – but we do. Contact us to find out more.

Professional mortgages allow for preferential rates, high income multiples and over 100% borrowing – as well as many other benefits. At Mortgages for Professionals we can help you:

  • Borrow large multiples of your income using generous affordability calculations
  • Find low interest rates – for both mortgages and remortgages
  • Secure deals with low deposit required
  • Enjoy flexible terms and conditions – including fixed rate periods, cashback and low early repayment penalties
  • Arrange a mortgages for surveyors deal if you’re a foreign national living in the UK
  • Calculate income based on future earnings
  • Get a fast in-principle decision

Other professions

Are you searching for a high-value mortgage or large mortgage lenders? At Mortgages for Professionals we have years of experience securing the best rates and terms for both professional and high-earner clients.

With direct access to senior underwriters at banks and lenders across the UK, we can negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf. Independent and impartial, we work for you and not the mortgage lender.

If you’re looking for a large mortgage of over £100,000 or more, get in touch. We will assess your personal circumstances, no matter how complex or discrete your financial situation (for example, we can focus on projected earnings, bonus schemes etc.). Many lenders now have teams that only assess large mortgage applications. We have strong relationships with the underwriters in these departments.

As a professional or high earner your financial and career stability can help secure low rates – no matter how high your desired mortgage value. We can arrange:

  • High value mortgages from £100,000 to over £10m. Enhanced affordability terms
  • Deals requiring little or no deposit (in certain circumstances)
  • Large mortgage deals based on future and projected earnings (deals can also incorporate bonus payments and other non-conventional income)
  • Specialist deals for foreign nationals living and working in the UK
  • No penalties for early or flexible repayments
  • Large mortgages and offset mortgages
  • Discounts and special offers – including cashback or valuation refunds
  • To make an application for a large or high value mortgage please complete our online form.

To make an application for a large or high value mortgage please contact us using the form below.

Hey Dan, Chloe and Dylan, We've moved! I just wanted to send a quick note to say a huge thanks for helping us complete on our property. You offered so much support in securing a mortgage and were always very responsive. We're really happy with our new home, and appreciate your part in making that happen. Thanks a mil!
Reese & Tash
My expectations of service levels are high given I am in professional practice and I'd contacted numerous brokers to work with me on my mortgage application but only found one that I wanted to progress with. From the start Paula and Lisa were responsive (sometimes responding to emails in minutes) and worked hard to get up to speed with my situation. They then articulated this to the lender which proceeded very quickly through to an offer. I would happily recommend them to anyone.
B Eagle
I contacted Mortgages for Professionals after my usual mortgage broker was unable to secure a large enough mortgage for me to buy out my ex partner from our joint property. My circumstances and salary profile were complicated but Peter (aka mortgage miracle worker!) quickly and clearly set out all my options and was able to liaise directly with mortgage lenders to secure sufficient mortgage for my needs. We encountered numerous challenges in completing the mortgage, e.g. unexpected survey results and additional lender requirements, but Peter kept me informed at every stage and quickly resolved problems. I was delighted to take sole ownership of the property in April, something I hadn’t thought would be possible and certainly wouldn’t have happened without Peter’s involvement. I have recommended Mortgages for Professionals to friends and colleagues and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Thanks so much!
R Dyas
After an exhaustive two year search we found our dream home, but it looked as though we would miss out after encountering an unexpected hurdle very early in the application process. With the end of the Stamp Duty holiday looming, Peter and the team at MfP worked tirelessly to get us over the line. In spite of having an extensive client workload, Peter made it seem as though we were the only clients he was supporting – the very definition of phenomenal service. In spite of the complexity of our case, and thanks to his knowledge, expertise and close relationships across the lending spectrum, Peter managed to get us our mortgage offer in plenty of time to secure our new home. I would look no further than Peter and the team at MfP for your mortgage advice. There is, quite simply, none better
V Moulton
Outstanding!!! Peter is a breath of fresh air during the pandemic. I was let down by my bank, I was let down by another broker and then I spoke to Peter who made everything so easy and simple and took all the stress of getting the mortgage and moving away. Thank you so much for helping us move home, I will see you in two years.
R Estrada
A HUGE thank you from myself and Emma after Peter helped secure a mortgage on our first home. It seemed like every obstacle in the world was put in front of us but Peter still managed to calmly guide us through the whole process. We look forward to using your services again in the future.
B Andrew
After being let down by a mortgage advisor late in a property transaction we got in touch with Peter who was able to resolve the situation and deliver a mortgage offer within 3 weeks. Cannot recommend highly enough
L Bedford
Peter, as you know we have completed on the flat. Many thanks indeed for your tremendous help with arranging everything for us. You are a star!
All my thanks to Peter Momirovski for helping me arrange three mortgages during; COVID, Lockdowns, banks delays and a thoroughly awful year. I don’t believe anyone could have done the job he did and no-matter what hurdles came up he had a solution and would not give in even though I may have. I have found my adviser for life. Thanks again.
G Grant
Thank you so much for everything Peter, this last year has been really hard and you have been absolutely amazing throughout. I truly think your incredible drive and unfailing belief in getting to this end stage probably kept us pursuing the various houses when at times I know I was definitely ready to give up. Thank you for helping us buy our home.
D Bains
Peter Momirovski has been looking after our mortgage arrangements for 5 years now, dealing with 2 purchases and an extra mortgage for renovations. He has always given us great advice, explained things thoroughly and is clearly thinking about what’s best for our personal circumstances as a family. He is friendly and professional to deal with and works incredibly hard to get the best deal quickly. In fact for our most recent purchase he was able to find us a very competitive rate, borrowing much more money than we ever expected to.
A Salfield
I am very thankful to Peter Momirovski, he was always there to support navigating my deals from proposal to completion under tight frames especially during lockdown. Throughout he was professional, always available and most importantly calm. I will not hesitate to use Peter for my future business.
I can unreservedly recommend Peter Momirovski as a mortgage advisor. He has consistently assisted me in obtaining outstanding arrangements. His service is professional, efficient, and friendly – a real pleasure to work with. I am very grateful to him and his colleagues as I travel extensively and my circumstances don’t always easily fit with some providers’ requirements. Peter made it easy.
C Lombard
The whole process was completely seamless, from Peter’s research on the best product, through to the mortgage offer which we got within five days. Amazing!. I would highly recommend Peter Momirovski and Mortgages for Professionals and I will definitely come back to him in the future.
J O’Neill
I could not be happier with my experience with Mortgages for Professionals. As a first time buyer, finding the right mortgage felt so overwhelming but from the start Dan put my mind at ease. The service I received was outstanding. There were (a few) setbacks along the process, and I cannot thank Dan and Chloe enough for their patience and efforts to move things forward! They really went the extra mile to get me to completion. I will absolutely use MFP for my next purchase and will highly recommend MFP to my family, friends and colleagues. Again thank you!
C Ekindi
I cannot recommend Mortgages for Professionals, and in particular, Peter Momirovski enough! He has been the ultimate professional during our dealings. He has been highly supportive and extraordinarily knowledgeable throughout the process and nothing has been too much trouble. (He has even been available late into the evenings and during the weekend!) Peter has given honest and pertinent advice throughout the process and he has provided regular updates, from start to finish. I cannot recommend Mortgages for Professionals and Peter Momirovski enough! I can safely say that I will not hesitate to use him again, for any further financial planning and advice. Peter’s customer care has been exemplary! Thanks again!
H Pastana
Peter has been excellent from the very first call with him! He has dealt with our mortgage in a professional, efficient way, always reaching out to us for documents and updates in a timely manner, which has made it stress free and pleasant experience. We will definitely be reaching out to you in the future, Thanks for all your help Peter!
T Patel
We recently obtained 2 mortgages simultaneously using our adviser Peter. Our situation was unorthodox and despite this we received an outstanding service. The level of communication from our adviser was excellent and his willingness to liaise with the solicitor and agent was exemplary. We are very grateful to have been able to use his services and would recommend him unreservedly
D Lewis
Peter Momirovski was invaluable throughout the purchase of my first property. As a new build above a hot food takeaway, the range of lenders were already limited but Peter was very helpful in securing a mortgage with a high street lender which saved me money and hassle. Peter was patient while guiding me through the application process for the first time and despite the setbacks we encountered along the way. I have no doubt I’ll use Peter when I move again.
J Perkins
Mortgages for Professionals, and specifically Peter Momirovski, have given us exceptional service both before and during the difficult pandemic period. They have been incredibly responsive and have given sound, personalised advice. They have really gone the extra mile for us and we would not hesitate not recommend them.
H Chapman
Fantastic experience and I could not have been able to buy my new home without Peter’s professional advice and help. Peter’s experience, expertise and his ability to speak to the bank to explain my situation made something scary and stressful a pleasure and I will most definitely be using him again.
N Dean
Thank you all for your patience and hard work in getting the purchase of Panmure Road completed yesterday. We managed to pull it back from the brink. We got the keys yesterday and everything was in order – although after 21 years of wear and tear since the title was last transferred the house needs a lot of attention to make it shiny and habitable! You all worked very hard dealing with some moving goalposts at times (not my fault!), so thank you. Just need to sell my old flat now and all will be well.
Mr Peter Newman Barrister
I contacted MFP after several unsuccessful mortgage applications directly with lenders. I had become self employed only 9 months prior to making applications, and notwithstanding evidence of consistent and valuable revenue, lenders couldn’t accept such a recent change in circumstances. Many required not less than 2 years accounts. MFP understood my situation completely, and looked at all the background and surrounding circumstances before creating a case which quickly resulted not just in a mortgage offer, but one with a high LTV and at a very competitive rate. MFP stayed involved in the process of the application and indeed various legal matters which arose during the conveyancing process, to ensure the purchase went through. I would highly recommend MFP.
Mr Adam Shore Solicitor
I have worked with MFP on a number of property purchases over the past three years and I have always been delighted with the quality of advice, the level of support through the mortgage process and their ability to deliver a completed deal. I would have no hesitation to recommend MFP and I will certainly look to work with them again on any future mortgage requirements.
Ben McGrail MD, Harlex Consulting
Just wanted to pass on my thanks to yourself and Dan for your advice and guidance throughout the process. If I hear of any friends / colleagues that are looking for a mortgage, you will be highly recommended!
D.P Accountant
Thanks for all your help! Without your swift action on the day we wouldn’t have got this property and there has been absolutely nothing in the area since then so you really made a difference.
Nick Singer Barrister
The sale would not have been possible without your help. Thank you so much for everything you and your team did. I wish we had come yo you in the first place – it would have saved a huge amount of stress. We will most definitely recommend your services to friends and family.
Chloe Hastings Dentist
I wanted to let you know that we have exchanged contracts today with a view to completing today also. I will confirm when we have completed. We wanted to say thank you once again for all your help, advice and support. We quite literally could not have done it without you! You really did go above and beyond!!
Amanda Accountant
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